Common dental emergencies you should never ignore

November 10, 20220

Dental emergencies often lead you to stressful situations. Usually, it becomes difficult to decide what to do next when it’s about dental issues. Small dental problems can also turn out to be bigger ones. When pushed aside, these can lead to permanent damage. Dental emergencies require the quick attention of an emergency dentist. So, your gums and teeth don’t get worse beyond simple dental treatment.

Important dental emergencies you should never ignore

Some dental emergencies you should never ignore. Otherwise, you will step into the wrong decisions. Here we have enlisted some common tooth problems you shouldn’t ignore:

A wiggly tooth

For kids, it’s pretty common to have a wiggly tooth, particularly when their perpetual teeth haven’t blown up. However, if an adult experiences a loose tooth, it’s a sign that you need an urgent visit to the dentist. Permanent teeth shouldn’t feel wiggly.

  • A loose tooth may result from an injury from sports or an accident. It is always important to seek emergency care from your dentist.
  • A localized infection can also be the reason behind a wiggly tooth.
  • If you are experiencing pain with a wiggly tooth, that can be because of gum disease or cavity.

Regardless of the reason, a professional and experienced dentist can give you the necessary treatment. Your dentist will also check for any signs of nerve or jaw damage.

Severe toothache

The nagging and throbbing toothache is never fun. If the toothache is interfering with your abilities to eat or sleep, you must visit your dentist as soon as possible. In that case, it isn’t something you should ignore. Severe toothache is always a warning sign that you should take seriously. Dealing with severe and extended toothache without professional help is never fine.

The dentist can help you to unleash the root cause behind your severe toothache. They will also help you to get much-needed relief by treating underlying issues professionally.

Dental Abscess

An Abscess is a pus collection resulting from a bacterial infection. This infection generally happens around a tooth’s root. Dental abscesses can cause damage to oral tissues and their surrounding teeth.

  • A dental abscess is always one of the most stressful, painful, and serious dental emergencies. If this dental problem is left untreated for long, this can spread over other body parts and can also be fatal.
  • A professional dentist may recommend tooth canal therapy to eliminate dental abscesses and save teeth. However, the dentist must extract your tooth if the damage is irreversible.

Use warm saltwater to draw the pus collection towards the surface and ease the pain. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with this saltwater solution. This remedy may offer you temporary relief. However, it’s always important to visit your dentist as soon as possible to treat dental abscesses permanently.

Lost tooth filling

Some people have already done a tooth filling at least once. Due to regular wear and tear, the filling can fall out. A falling tooth filling isn’t an ignorable dental emergency. This can be an indication of another cavity formation inside your tooth.

Moreover, it may lead to deterioration if you won’t get it filled or replace it with a crown on time.

If the condition of lost tooth filling arises, rinse your mouth with warm water. Then prefer visiting your dentist to fix the issue.

Knocked out or broken tooth

Have you noticed that your tooth is broken or fractured? The incident is often unplanned and sudden, whether it has happened while playing or hanging out at home. A knocked out or broken tooth; both are a red flag. Any of these situations require emergency treatment from a professional dental clinic.

A professional dentist will start your treatment quickly to alleviate the pain you’re experiencing. Any delay in the treatment can expose nerve tissues, and the situation will be more painful.

Swollen and bleeding gums

Don’t take any sudden gums inflammation casually. It clearly shows a growing bacterial load inside or around your gums.

  • An infection in your tooth can also cause gums inflammation. Ignoring gums inflammation means giving the infection or bacterial load more time to sprout. This condition can lead you to even worsen conditions such as severe dentine pain or facial swelling. Visiting your dentist is the best solution to treat your swollen gums.
  • On the other hand, bleeding gums is another important dental emergency, just like swollen gums. Bleeding gums are a sure-shot sign of a deep infection inside your gums. Ignoring bleeding gums for longer leads to infection, releasing toxins and spreading inside the jaw bones. These toxins can erode the bone and will cause loosened teeth.

Dentists sometimes recommend a certain gum treatment based on the underlying cause of bleeding gums. Sometimes, bleeding gums also mean that you need tooth scaling or polishing. So, getting your bleeding gums treated as quickly as possible is always important.

Dislodged dental crown

Has your dental crown dislodged or fallen out? It indicates that your tooth has undergone decay. Any cavity under a dental crown can change the shape of your tooth. It will keep your dental crown to get fit properly.

If your dental crown has fallen, try to locate it around. Use a saline water container to store your dental crown. This practice will help you to avoid contamination. Plan your visit to the dentist as soon as possible to repair your partially dislodged tooth. Your dentist can even replace your dental crown if necessary.

Persistent pain and bleeding after tooth extraction

Some pain and bleeding are pretty normal after tooth extraction. However, if pain and bleeding persist for more than an hour, it’s important to consult your problem with your dentist immediately. Persistent bleeding and pain are clear signs of a broken vessel, underlying infection, or injury to your jaw bone.

It is always important to avoid smoking, rinsing, eating, and sucking just after tooth extraction. Although this is a rate of dental emergency than the others mentioned above. However, it requires an immediate dental clinic visit to avoid further damage.

Final Thoughts

If you are sensing any dental emergency, you must prepare yourself better for it. Many of the above-mentioned dental emergencies we experience in our lives. To avoid any serious damage, it is always better to plan a visit to your dentists ASAP.


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